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As the iOS introduces the most interesting changes every year with the introduction of some new applications thus leading the mobile app trends every year. We also saw some new devices and software changes in the year 2019 but 2018 was a great year for apple as we some of the revolutionary upgrades like iPhone 8 (plus) and iPhone X. We also saw some major updates in iOS: iOS 11.3 beta from iOS 11. Apple is likely to upgrade in the upcoming year too. Every iOS app development company is finding something that is futuristic and revolutionary.

Now Apple iOS has come up with some great changes to watch for in 2018 and beyond.

1.    Advancements in Siri and Artificial intelligence

Advancements in SIRI

Ever since Apple has launched its personal assistant it has gained more popularity worldwide. Siri is one of the leading examples in mobile app development. As it has undoubtedly brought a major change in the AI and in the world of contextual learning. Here are some of the changes Apple has introduced in Siri to make iOS better reliable and effective.

Here are some of the updates found in SIRI in the year 2019

•    finding answers to important questions more efficiently

•    It also offers a GPS pin which provides help in access to the Citi Mobile App offering service.

•    It has a new peppy voice

•    SIRI shortcuts

•    the four main areas of new knowledge to Siri this year, including food, famous people, motorsports, and photos

•    New voice accents

2.    Augmented Reality (AR) and AR Kit

Augmented Reality (AR) and AR Kit

Augmented Reality has been important for the mobile app development and with the revolutionary changes in 2018 all the focus has been shifted to ARkit.

ARKit allows developers to build high-detail AR experiences for iPad and iPhone

What was the need for ARkit?

The answer to this question is that it will predominantly help in the development of 3D and virtual reality-based mobile applications. Many business organizations are also showing keen interest to join hands with Apple’s ARKit

Thus, the year 2018 was fruitful for the AR and VR apps and in 2019 it will grow much better.

3.    Apple Pay  to be more User-Friendly

Apple pay

Apple Pay is the easiest paying app which helps to make secure purchases in stores and on the web. Apple Pay is simpler than using your physical card, and safer too. Apple hasn’t compromised on the security front. Therefore, the iOS developers can easily implement Apple Pay in their application. With the update of iOS in 2019, Apple Pay is now more secure and user-Friendly.

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4.    Apple Home kit – A restructuring creation

apple home kit 2018

Home Automation, a big revolution that is being implemented in almost all the new home construction. Apple home kit accessories include

•    Nanoleaf light

•    D-Link Omna 180 camera

•    Fibaro Flood Sensor and many other interesting ones

The new iOS 2018 has introduced some new control over the features of Apple home kit.

•    Changed home icon

•    New notification section

•    New remote update

•    The home app in MacOS Mojave

•    Siri Shortcut support

•    Changed Mfi partner dev kit

5.Dual SIM support(2019)

Apple is introducing a Dual SIM feature with eSIM which allows the users to use two numbers at the same time in a single Apple device. These devices include

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • and iPhone XR

6. Camera update

  • The Portrait mode has got some new interesting improvements that have introduced much fine detail between subject and the background when using Stage Light and Stage Light Mono effects
  • The QR codes are highlighted in the camera frame automatically, making them easier to scan.

Apple has some more interesting plans for 2019. We’ll let you know as they launch them in the new iOS.

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