Slider Camera Phones | Is A New Tech Coming in 2019?


Slider Camera Phones, Is there a new tech coming in mobile phones?

From the beginning of the era in mobile phones we have seen many changes in the mobile phones. From very starting of the antenna mobile phones and small screen mobiles phones that had a buttons and sensors like infrared only. Moving forward the mobile phones got slim and had flip screen mobiles phones that got very familiar in the market. Nokia and Motorola was the biggest dealers of that type of mobile phones.

After that we had seen the button mobile phones, Starting with the Nokia N-series and E-series, every company started producing the back-lite buttons mobile phones. With the advancement in camera, Bluetooth, edge, FM the new phones came day by day.

Then their was a revolutionary change in the mobiles phones with the touch screen mobile phones. The first ever touch screen mobile phones was introduced in 1992 but in was not that famous. After 2010 the touch screen mobile got famous with Nokia mobile phones and the entry of the iPhone.

After the entry of the iPhone in the market with a touch screen mobile all the companies went to the development and production of the touch screen mobile and then the series started. With the touch scree mobile invention Apple and Samsung got into a sense of competition leaving Nokia far behind. Also, Huawei, Xiaomi, One-plus also got themselves in the race but they couldn’t achieved the landmark to the first position.

With the touch screen mobiles the world is carried on, mobiles phones got slim and with a front cam and slim bezels. The advancement in the cameras, LCD’s, no blue-tooth and no aux jack came in the fashioned way.

After that Apple introduced the notched phones, yes, a bezel less phone with a notch on a top and front cam, no touch ID or back button, just a notch on the top. A complete screen phone with a cam on a top and no other thing. It was a tech upgrade in the world of the mobile phones. After that every company from Google to Samsung, started making bezel less phones and now a days the bezel less phones are really in the market.

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Are Slider Camera Phones Coming?

slider camera phones

But a question is now raised that the slider camera phones are taking over the notched phones to have a better full screen display. After the notched phone we have seen the Foldable Phones, less and deep notched phones and Pinhole phones are also at the hot topic for the next tech up-gradation.

In counter to all that we have came to know that the slider camera phones will take over all other phones because of a total screen view. A slider camera phones will have cam at the back which will only pop-up for a selfie or recording when we want it. Honor Magic 2, Oppo Find X, Xiaomi Mi mix 3 are the phones with the slider camera and we have came to know that Huawei, Nokia and Samsung are also working on it. Samsung S-10 will be pinhole phone but not a slider camera phone but it may be possible that Samsung will come up later with slider camera phones.

No news is yet announced by the Apple for the slider camera phones but it may be possible they would be working on pinhole or full screen phones with no notch.

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