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Skype interviews just another feature of Skype Communication S.a.r.l. In a world dominated with visual technology Apps like Whatsapp, Viber, and Wechat etc. Skype has always been the top leading brand to conduct a nonstop experience of a video call. Whether in the same room or a different country, Skype has matched the best standards of providing its users with no interruptions within their calling. Just so they remain in the top list, they have introduced another very important feature called the Skype Interviews to help all the industrial and business sector to gain benefits. Let us shed light on the 5 important features and information of this incredible Add-on.

Skype Interviews
Skype Interviews

Introduction of Skype Interviews

Skype was initially released on the 23rd of August 2003. However, with more competition and required features, Skype has never seized to improve itself. Hence this feature of skype interviews is just another point that is put accross explaining that they are still the best in the business.

With this feature, you do not need to download any supplementary application or even sign up for it. The only thing you need to do is log in to your pre-made account and you are liable to use this feature.

This feature is actually made to make it easy for Industrial and Business sector to recruit the best possible staff for the betterment of their organization. This Feature lets you speak to people in different countries through visual conferencing. With the previous improvements, there are no problems with sound or video if only you have the right internet connection.

Features of Skype Interview

Skype Interviews
Skype Interviews

In-browser group call

Now through this, you do not need to attach any Add-on or download a separate application to use this. It allows you to do a call with the browser you are already using. For example Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome (version 32 and above) along with Firefox and internet explorer.

However, you need a PC for this feature to run. It does not work on browsers based on Phones. For example browsers like Safari for IOS and the Internet for the android phones do not support this feature.

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Live code execution

Whenever you give a test you’re always in a hurry to get to know your result. Well, Skype has done great to try to satisfy this demand of yours. With your interview given this special live code execution language allows you to get to know your result within secs.

For example, if you’re giving an interview to a software company and they are testing you on different software language like JavaScript etc., as soon as you are done, the results will be displayed to you to evaluate whether you will be accepted or rejected.

Skype Interviews
Skype Interviews

Syntax highlighting

Now while being tested with different languages, Skype Interviews has added a feature through which the applicants who are giving this practical interview can get to know if they are making any sort of mistakes. This highlighting feature will get a view of their work and let them know the little errors they are making which they could improve to make their work more perfect.

This is added as a way of help for the candidates so that they focus more upon their work as a whole rather than the little mistakes they are making

Other Features

Skype Interviews also allows you to send your file to multiple people at one time. You do not need to send them one by one but you could just mark the usernames of the receivers and hit the send button to target them simultaneously.

Another feature is that the candidates could also be interviews with more than one person at a time. This actually allows a better assessment of the applicants and makes the recruitment of an individual within the organization more authentic.

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