Samsung S10 The End Game | Is It Actually Better?


Samsung S10

In 2019 it looks like,it’s gonna be here filled with a lot of phones.With punch-out camera holes.It kind of begs the question are punch out camera holes actually better than the notches?Like, we are seeing this type of camera style coming out on the Samsung S10. And we have seen it on the Huawei nova 4 and one of the Honor’s phones has it.

Hole punch phones are gonna be a thing this year,like it or not.

Honor Nova 4
galaxy s 10 concept
Galaxy s 10
Hole Punch Camera
Huaweii’s first hole punch display

Theory behind Notches and Hole Punch Phones!

Are these hole punch phones actually better than notches phone? or Are we kind of being sold this idea, that they are better by companies?

Essential Phone-1
First Notched Phone

If you think back to the original notched phones like.Why companies did it? If you think back to it like,the Essential phones they trying to achieve a particular aesthetic, Right?

They wanted to minimize the obstruction and protrusions on the front of the screen.To make it look ultra-clean on the front and they did a pretty good job of it in 2017.

That’s almost two years ago.Two years late we have the notches on the phone with a water drop shape that looks pretty clean and then we have some phone (Pixel 3 XL) that are like,”I heard, you like the notches.Here’s a notch”.

samsung galaxy s 10-the end game
Pixel 3 XL(Big Notch Boy)  and One Plus 6 T (drop notch)

Samsung S10 Hole Punch Display 

So for me i like the idea of hole punch screen.It looks so much cleaner and honestly looks refreshing to me.From all those notch phones that we saw over the circa 2018.A circular hole punch camera looks really nice and even some of the earlier conceptual work they did.It was really fun to work with it, like being able to see your wallpaper move over.That hole punch was just supper cool.

samsung galaxy s 10-the end game

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Are we just being Played by the Companies?

There’s a part of’s not even that small part of me,there’s like a reasonable part of my brain that’s like Are we just being played by companies.Because if you think about it. The bezels were fine before.Like they give you a nice thing to hold when you use it in a landscape mode.They give you front facing speakers and removing bezels was something that looked nice but it was really unnecessary.

Phones with Bezels

Fixing a problem that never existed!

Notches and hole punch phones were basically like fixing a problem that never existed for the consumers.If anything notches and punch out cameras are fixing the problem for the manufacturers that  How do we sell people more phones?

Like How do we sell you a new device.A replacement device of something that you already own, which already looks really good.Like How do we convince you to buy some thing that’s new.This is this the way,Right?

When i look at the models and the concepts of the new Samsung S10It looks so cool.Forget the fact that its like an awesome phone.With 7 nano-meter chip, bigger battery all that stuff. Its gonna be a great phone.But the fact that it looks the way it does.It makes me more interested. But i wanna  know that what you guys think.

LIKE Is the hole punch screen is that something that you guys find.A substantial enough feature to make it more of compelling purchased.Just for you like Is that a big enough shift in technology for you.Like, Hey that’s the phone i’m interested in.Because we have seen iterative changes in phones for a long time.This to me is the bigger one.


The wired is that we know that Samsung is working on even a better screen.Without any visible front facing camera.And that is the technology that’s going to be the end game.Right?That’s the phone that manufacturers want to sell.And that’s the phone that every customer wants to buy.That completely clean  front facing display.But even though we know, that something they’re working on it. And it’s probably not that far away in the future.This phone samsung s10 looks supper cool to me.

Extreme Right one could be the END GAME

But Is that enough for you guys?Is that hole-punch camera something that you guys want? or Did you prefer the notch? or Are you gonna hold out for that something clean looking phone?

And I think we probably gonna get there sooner than later.

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