Nike Adapt BB – Is It Actually the Best in 2019?


Nike’s introducing it’s second version of it’s self-lacing Hyper Nike Adapt BB(Basket Ball) shoes.This pair is a lot more affordable at 350 dollars.

It’s a ton of technology packed right under the arch of your foot.People are probably going to buy it in droves, just like they do with most of any other Nike shoe.

But what does it mean When your shoe acts more like a gadget?



  1. Pairs over Bluetooth
  2. Remembers how tight you like your shoes.
  3. Gyroscope
  4. Wireless Charging
  5. Li-ion battery
  6. Capacitors


You can pair these Nike Adapt BB with your phone.Which in concept or in theory sounds a little crazy.But seeing it actually in practice it does add a lot of values to the process or to the whole package of the sneakers.And i think that is something that people are going to use quite a bit.

Tightening or Loosening the shoes 

Primary function of the app is to give you the ability to tighten or loosen the shoes. There’s two individual settings one for left shoe and for the right foot.

As you push the letters up in the app, it tightens the shoe and as you pull them down it actually loosens the shoe as well.

Changing Colors 

You can also change the colors of the buttons on the shoes as well. Nike Adapt BB have a few different colors here.

And this does not add any performance benefits to the shoe.But it does add a cool sort of style you can add to your shoes.

If you wanted to match your outfits, jerseys or if wanted to match it to your mood.You can do all that through the colors on buttons on the shoe.

ZERO State Function

Another one of the cool details of the app is the ability to actually loosen the shoes to what Nike’s calling ZERO or the original default state.

After you play a basketball game and you just want to loosen up your laces for a little while.You can hit that button it’ll loosen the shoes to all the way up to where they were at their default state.

Setting Presets

In this feature you can set the presets.This way you can set-up customization tightness for the shoes that get them as tight as you want them to be. So you can have an

  • In-game settings
  • Training settings
  • Casual settings

So whatever the tightness you prefer for whatever activity that you doing.You will be able to set that up in the app just click it one time.And it automatically tie into that same exact feeling every time.

Battery Life

Nike says that now the shoe will last from 10 to 14 days on a full charge.One of the cool thing about the charge is that it’s a wireless charging.

Last year it was wireless charging as well.But this year it comes with a mat and you can just place the shoes on the mat.

And it suppose to last you for 2 weeks based on regular usage.One more cool feature is that they will always save enough charge to loosen-up the shoe to default zero.

They don’t feel heavy.The weight of the shoe is like they do feel solid.

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There’s a motor inside the shoe. Such a huge amount of effort and engineering that went into this motor.It’s not just the invention of the motor.But then how it’s been finalized.This motor is the key to making the shoe mainstream.

Comparison between Nike Adapt BB 1.0 and 2.0

The Hyper Adapt 1.0 had tons of cables and wires that connecting the laces, motors and lights.It was a tangled, delicate set-up.

Compare that to the Adapt BB.Where the shoe’s technology has been completely re-engineered for the mass manufacturing.

All the shoe needs to make it smart is its lacing cable and lace engine.The cables threaded through the motorized spool.You see in the lace engine, which then winds around the spool, making the shoe tighter.

Is it safe wearing these shoes?

All the tech stuff is in that lace engine too. Literally everything. Of course,you don’t think about any of the tech inside when you wearing the shoes.

But that does not change the fact that you are walking on top of a lithium-ion battery and bunch of other electronics. That’s a little scary to me.


Overall I do like the shoe.I do like the feeling of the shoe.I like the concept behind the shoe.And I like the sort of theme that Nike is going with dedicating it to the Basket Ball.

And also being able to track the data and all that information and providing a better lock down.

Definitely a different feeling than what you get with Hyper Adapt 1.0.The original Hyper Nike Adapt BB 1.0 was of 720$.

They’re dropping their price with Adapt BB to 350$.And I think that the whole point of that is to make this shoe readily available for larger population

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