Messenger Dark Mode | Released Both For Android and iOS


Messenger Dark Mode

We have seen the dark/black mode is trending now a days in both iOS and Android, also in windows, with the release of the Samsung S10 new UI and the rumors of the dark mode iOS 13 with the release of the dark mode in it, messenger comes out a step ahead with the availability of the dark mode and it is trending.

Messenger updated its option for the dark mode and it can be setup very easily.You have to follow few steps to do to that.

Messenger Dark Mode
Messenger Dark Mode

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Steps to activate Messenger Dark Mode

  • Update Messenger and restart
  • Copy this emoji 🌙
  • Open Messenger
  • Send this to anyone
  • Toggle on it from settings

It is said that messenger is giving this option because Facebook will be going merging Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger. All the Apps will be in one App to merge.

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