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What’s up folks,I hope you guys are doing well. We’ve been doing some testing with the new Google Pixel Slate and I like the iPad Pro 12.9″.This offers a new era of what I’m gonna call it the “Ultra Tablets”.So let’s get starts the comparison “iPad pro vs Google Pixel slate

Ipad Pro 12.9'' google pixel slate

The form factor and the capabilities of a laptop usually coupled with a nice keyboard and track-pad attachment and some sort of stylish.Now the Google Pixel Slate certainly follows that formula fairly. Well I want t compare it against probably the best ultra tablet the iPad Pro 12.9″ version. We are going to be taking a look at the key differences and similarities,to determine which comes out on top all things considered.

So let’s get right into iPad pro vs Google Pixel slate.

iPad pro vs Google Pixel slate

Google has been developing the pixel slate for a number of years in fact its been over 3 years since they came out with a dedicated tablet device. This is basically the pixel book experience but in a tablet  form. With the popularity of Surface pro 6 and iPad pro not only pixel slate bring that level of build quality associated with those tablets but it has a whole different OS(operating system) with Chrome OS.

Price Comparison

Firstly when it comes to the price and the model configuration,the iPad pro is fairly simple you’re looking at 799$ and 1000$ for 12.9″ipad pro

and you can obviously upgrade the internal memory if you so desire.

The Pixel Slate is little bit more complicated .The entry-level model coming with the Intel celeron  processor 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage which will retails for  about 599$,all the way up-to the Intel core i7 version of that CPU that comes with 16 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of internal storage.

Now the configuration that we have for this one is, the  12.9″ inches version of the iPad pro paired with the Apple smart keyboard and pencil which come to a grand total of 1330$.The Pixel Slate setup that we have over here is with Intel m3 processor and with the native keyboard cover and a pixel book pen,you’re looking about 1100$.

This configuration of the the Pixel slate is slightly cheaper than the iPad pro,keep in mind that with the core i7 version of the slate with the accessories you could be spending close to 2000$,which is a laptop grade money.


Design and Build Quality

Let’s talk about the design first both have aluminum uni-body designs they both feel very premium in the hand but in terms of the dimensions one of the new iPad pro is the Ultra thin bezels and that’s certainly a big trend of this current design up of smartphones,tablets and even laptops.

But the Pixel slate from the front looks a little bit more dated and have kind of thick bezels.Now in terms od thickness and weight iPad pro is also a thinner at a 5.9mm versus 7mm on the slate and it’s also about a 100 grams lighter as well which definitely makes a difference in the hand.


There are some hardware specialty features that the Pixel slate offers that you don’t find on the iPad pro first you have a fingerprint scanner on the power stand-by button which is a nice bio-metric way to unlock and get the access to your device.You also have 2 USB-C ports on either side of the device  which is cool if you wanna plug-in to charge of the tablet and then use the other port to connect a USB etc etc.


You can get a 200$ keyboard attachments one of the things that’s nice about it that it actually looks like a regular keyboard and its has a rounded key caps it’s still fairly comfortable and also got the dedicated Google Assistant key.

I’m also liking the slate multi-touch track-pad it feels supper responsive and tack-tile it even has a mechanical click functionality which more or less makes it feels like a laptop than a tablet in-fact after using the keyboard cover i barely use the touch screen which is certainly not the case on the iPad.

On the other hand the keyboard cover on the iPad Pro is certainly not as capable doesn’t feel as the type-on and its generally a lot more bare bones than when we find on the Pixel slate.Apple usually work on the software and the design of the tablets.

  • Multi-Functional Processing 

Apple pencil have a great level of sensitivity and articulation compared to the Pixel slate.Its a lot more responsive and there’s less issues of latency going from app to app compared to the pixel slate which struggles with a certain application that are not fully optimized for pen use specifically.In short Pixel slate is a little bit laggy which annoyed me for me it is not worth the price.Apple pencil have magnetic latching mechanism.

  • Overall Thinking & Review

Finally we’re seeing some real development in the mobile computing space and not just smartphones ,so far laptops are mostly better at most things. But we are starting to see some cracks in the foundation of the laptop reign including devices like Pixel slate and iPad pro. I thinks both the devices are pretty cool. Here is all about iPad pro vs Google Pixel slate.

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