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What is Depression?

Depression is a bad feeling which lowers our mood down. It makes us lose energy, sleep and also disturbs our appetite. When such psychological feeling gets into our life we start to feel down and our daily life routine is disturbed. it could be caused by various reasons:

Reasons for depression

  • Stress
  • Death
  • A loss in business
  • Having no job
  • Struggle
  • Personal life problems
  •  Illness
  •  Medical disease
  • Study Failure and many others

It is not possible to list all the things that could be the reason for the Depression. As even small happenings in life can change our mood in the blink of an eye.

So to save yourself from Stress and anxiety, you must know why are you on this feeling and how you can get yourself out of it. To make this easy for you and to fight depression you must follow the mentioned instructions.

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Why fight against Depression?

The causes of it are infinite, there are numerous reasons which may pull you into the worst feeling of depression. Stress makes a man a useless being on earth. As you lose hope, confidence, and strength to live.

We must fight against it. Instead of living with this mental condition of gloom and sorrow, you should take a step to rise against it and coming back with more bloom and joy. It brings loads and loads of stress.

So if this mental condition destroys your life why won’t you stand against it and have a comeback.

Effects of Depression

  • You are restless
  • Often get angry
  • Feel sad or guilty
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • You feel lonely.
  • Problems with your weight or height.
  • Often headaches or feel anxious.

If any other, you must list it in the comment box below to find a better solution for your problem.

Depression cure
Depression Cure

Some Shocking facts

Globally 300 million people of all ages suffer from Depression. The major source of Disorder is also this mental state of mind. It has been also witnessed that women are more affected by depression and stress than men. It is also the major reason for suicides worldwide. Some stats of different countries are given below:

  1. About one in every five adults in the USA suffer from depression, as recorded by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  2. India lies on the top in case of depression rates.
  3. China is the second country which has the most depression rates and then U.S, Indonesia, Brazil and so on respectively.

How to overcome depression?

Here are some steps or instructions provided by doctors and experts worldwide:

  1. Share your feelings with your parents or someone close

You should concern the closest person whom you feel is the closest to you and get to a solution as soon as you can to avoid stress and other effects of stress on health.

2.Play with your emotions

Your mind and emotions get your mood up or down. You start to feel low as your emotions control you. How to play with your emotions?

Feeling low or angry?

Try to act like you are happy.

Feeling sorrow or gloom?

Try to act like you are okay and everything is fine.

Feel lost?

Start acting to be active and energetic.

This will make you fight with your emotions and win the war of depression against them

  1. Avoid use of medical supplements

Supplements have a bad effect on your health. Most of the supplements have antidepressants and steroids, they are not good for health. You will lose the hope and energy for doing something.

  1. Use failure as fuel

If you have failed, it’s not the end, it’s the start of your comeback story. If you fail, use that failure in your favor. Promise yourself to promote your mind and get up to achieve your target with more passion. This will pay for your hard work.

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