Hole Punch Display 2019


I’m gonna talk about the Hole Punch Display smartphones. So without wasting any time let’s get jump into it.

Hole Punch Camera
Huawei’s first hole punch display

You know how for the past couple of years pretty much every smart phone that came out had some sort of a notch in the top in the middle. That’s just the way they have been.I’ll say the most interesting design. We’ve been seen for the past couple of months smartphones are trying to avoid the notch.

Well, it looks like for 2019 (HOLE PUNCH DISPLAY) that’s gonna be how we get away from it. That’s the avoidance of the notch.

So this is what I’m gonna call the hole punch. So yes different companies are gonna call it different things like SAMSUNG will call it the “Infinity-O-Display”.

Blue Chevron Back
Blue Chevron Back

This one we have here is the “Honor View 20” from Huawei. They don’t really call it( Hole Punch Display)or anything. So we’ll just call it the Hole Punch. So there is some kind of interesting things about this phone from the Blue Chevron back. That changes the way it looks depending on how the light hits it. Which is really cool.

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  1. The four thousand milliamps Battery (4000mAH).
  2. The 48 Megapixel main Camera.
  3. The 6 gigs of Ram.

But what I’m here is for the Hole Punch Display. The particular version of the hole punch is through an LCD display so not an O-LED and it’s a 6.4”, 2310×1080. So not the highest resolution but it looks alright. If you see they’ve pushed its screen to the edges like a lot of other phones this past year.

Instead of having a notch for the front-facing camera they’ve gone all the way up to to the corner and there is this-this hole punch cut-out in the top left the corner of the display. So as far as we can tell this is the future of smartphone design avoiding the notch in 2019.


Hole Punch
Shadowed region near punch hole

I’m annoyed by how it’s(hole) not perfectly fitted into the corner. And it’s bigger than I thought it would be. I mean I saw the renders and I think they were a little generous with how small the aperture for the camera opening would need to be. But putting in the full camera modules means you’ll need the full camera opening and its noticeable.

But you know still not too bad but then other things I noticed were really specific to this exact phone’s implementation of the notch.

Hole punch not completely centered

Its not centered even in the rounded corners of the display.Its a little bit above center to be tucked further into the notification bar. So as not to interrupt apps below it. Which makes sense but it’s really hard to unnoticed that it’s not centered and have kind of wish I didn’t notice that.

Aesthetics of the phone

The aesthetic of the phone is it just looks a little bit off. There’s also a slightly darkened area around the hole punch as if there’s a little bit added shadow surrounding it(*i think its added in the software).Maybe(O-LED) will be able to solve it when we see it in future phones.

You can hide that hole punch from the settings and you can watch the video with the hole, games, and many other apps but you’ll get used to it and also the apps will also upgrade according to that hole.

Samsung s10 Hype

And of course, we all just saw the Samsung Galaxy S10 event that got announced at the end of February. We are all expecting that to have not only a single camera cut out but the larger one should have a dual camera cut out. So we’ll get to see how the highest end displays will work with O-LED and twice as big of the camera cut out of it.



I should suggest they should have that hole punch in the middle there’s no time in the middle, not notifications in the middle but as of right now the corner cutout is the most popular implementation of avoiding the notch in 2019. Welcome to the New Year.


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