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Hitman 2! does it click something in your mind? Ofcourse it does! A bald guy doing his duty shedding blood. Thats what most of us would think after hearing these words. Well that is true however, this time its different. The game is back with our loved agent 47 ready to get into killing action but with more mysterious thrills and insights into his bloody past.

Hitman 2
Hitman 2

Background of HITMAN 2

The upcoming stealth game will be released on the 13th of november 2018. Excited arnt you? Well you should be as this game is developed by the renouned IO interactive and is published by the famous Warner Bros Interactive. To all the games that came before with the name of Hitman, this will be the 7th edition. However, HITMAN 2 is a sequel to the previous award winning game Hitman.


Whats New?

Everything is new! The story is new, the graphics are improved and most importantly the gameplay has been upgraded imensely. If we take an indepth insight, the game is coming with three new dimensions.

1) Locations

It has about 6 different sandbox locations that the gamers could explore. Every locations as its own specialized ways to help agent 47 to assassinate his targets. The complex features of every map allows gamers to use their creative instincts to finish their opponents in a unqiue manner.

2) Weapons

Hitman 2
Hitman 2 Weapons

The weapons are customized in a way to help gamers think which one to use in preffered situations. From Snipers to hand guns, the game comes with a range of different weapons which could be used along with creativity to complete missions and earn rewards. These weapons does not just need to be gadgets as stealth techniques and sabotage abilities could also be one way to slaughters ones enemies.

3) Campaign Mode

The third yet the most important dimension is how the campagin mode has been created to fit a gamer’s dreams. The enviroment is so real that players feel like being a part of the game. The missions, objectives and strategic goals are designed is such a manner that you are bound to get addicted to it.

In short, the game is divided into 6 different missions which will be done in distinct locations. These locations range from Miami, Columbia, Mumbai to North Atlantic. Just by hearing this you could imagine how the developers have provided gamers with such unique places to play just to test their killing creativity at its best.

Hitman 2
Hitman 2 Gameplay

Another Very important mode to play is the multiplayer mode which is also known as Sniper Assassin. In this mode, a time limit will be given to players in which they will have to use their steadyness in sniping the opponents off. The choice of being either a Knight or a Stone will be given in which each has its own ammo types and abilities.

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Hitman 2
Hitman 2 Graphics

Consoles And Pre-order Guide

So the game will be released on different consoles so that masses of gamers could play. This includes Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. There are different preorder options for distinctive benefits. For example if you pre order a a standard edition it will cost you $60 for any type of console. The standard version does not contain any other additional benefits.

The second way is to order the Silver edition. This is priced $20 more than the standard edition. This pack includes additional weapons like a hand gun and sniper along with an extra map that gamers could play as multiplayer.

Finally is the Gold version. This type is priced at a total of $100. Its expensive but worth it as it has more outfits, weapons, maps and much more.

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