Google Fuchsia OS: Everything You Need to Know | Release Date, News & Rumors


Google Fuchsia OS is a next-generation operating system. Fuchsia is an operating system currently being developed by Google. It first became known to the public when the project appeared on GitHub in August 2016 without any official announcement.


As we know that Google is a well-known search engine and in no time it became the most significant part of our daily life. Every kind of information you need. You can get easily on google. Google has also offered a number of operating systems. Like Chrome OS, Android, and most importantly Google fuchsia OS.

Google’s Android is claimed to be a more user-friendly or used platform than iOS. Then, we got to see Google Chrome OS that is intended for laptops. Again, it has created a sensation with the Wear OS designed for smartwatches. Now Google is working on a new operating system as mentioned above which is also called Google Andromeda. There are rumors about it that it will replace by android. It will be more efficient than android or android app supportive.

Google Fuchsia OS Rumors

As mentioned above in 2016 on GitHub a code was uploaded which is considered to be a new operating system. that was just a single line command. However, we believe that Google is working on Google Fuchsia OS.

What is Google Fuchsia OS?

Google Fuchsia OS is just different than any other operating systems. It is not based on Linux but actually based on a new microkernel called “Zircon” or “Magenta”.It wouldn’t be surprising to one day see Fuchsia appear on our smartphones. Not only that, but Google has even added Apple’s programming language, Swift, to the operating system though we don’t know why just yet.

Fuchsia is written on flutter SDK. Flutter SDK is basically an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia. So Android apps can also be run on this new operating system.

According to the rumors, a screen is just like a big scroll list, with the addition of profile picture, date, city etc.

Google Fuchsia OS
Google Fuchsia OS

You can also drag recent apps around and drop them where you choose to organize and personalize the home screen. If you drop one app on top of another, you’ll enter a split-screen mode with up to three apps.

Purpose of Fuchsia

We don’t know the true purpose of fuchsia but according to some sources, Fuchsia is basically build to create a very user-friendly environment. Google wants to sum-up all electronic devices like smartphones, smart speakers & laptops together. For example, we use smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, wearable & more. So Google wants to create an operating system which can work on all things. According to my knowledge this a great step in the field of IOT. Because IOT is just like this operating system which is,  environment-friendly for the users.

Google seems to be working to make Fuchsia run on all of these seamlessly and in unison. You know when we signed in to our Google accounts, our places or devices save respectively. When we open the chrome, it will restore to previous devices. Google will introduce a system like a register where everything will store on the cloud.

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Release date

The releasing date of Google Fuchsia Os is yet unknown. But according to complexity & functionality of google fuchsia, we considered it to be released in 2020 or more. This is just a guess we are making according to the rumors and news.

The working principle of Google Fuchsia is shown in this video.

SlashGear, in partnership with HotFix Computer Repair, has made a downloadable (APK) file, that you can install on your phone to check out the OS. You can examine and get the idea of Fuchsia by using that App. The app is the preview version of the launcher which is basically for Fuchsia.

Helpful for developers

Google is reaching out to developers. Google fuchsia is basically based on Flutter Framework. That is similar to java-script so developers feel comfort by using this operating system.

This is the news & rumors about Google Fuchsia OS. All information is deduced on the basis of news & rumors. Hope you like it.

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