Gaming Addiction | 6 Insane Addicts Who Went Too Far


Gaming addiction! A term most may not be familiar with yet this is becoming a global phenomenon. The speed at which new games are being launched and gamers around the world are being enslaved to them are increasing day by day. However, there are some gamers that just went too far in satisfying their thirst for any sort of visual play. Allow us to shed light on each case one by one and get ready to be blown away from the extent of addiction this subject carries.

Case 1: Daniel Petric Murdering his mother over Halo 4

The first case is about a seventeen-year-old kid called Daniel Petric. It is reported that Daniel was excessively involved in playing a game called Halo 4. Hence, his father disturbed by his way of living life took his game and hid it in a drawer right next to his handgun. Daniel Petric somehow on October 20, 2007, got into their room and took back his game along with the gun. When his father got to know of this he came into the room and took the game back.

Frustrated by the events, Daniel went to the living room and saw his both parents resting on the couch. He said, “Would you close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” And shot his mother 3 times on the chest, head, and arm. At the same time he shot his father on the head yet the bullet only injured a part of it and the father was able to survive. Later the father also explains how he tried to make it look like the father killed the mother by placing the gun back in his father’s hand. These tricks he believes could only be learned from some sort of violent games.

Gaming Addiction
The guy who killed his parents

Case 2: Josh skipped school for 3 weeks just to play games online

Josh was the son of Al and Christine living their lives in Perth, Australia. He was 14 years old when he got so addicted to gaming that leads him to do something unexplainable. Every morning at the time of school Josh would change into his school uniform, have a normal breakfast with parents and leave the house before them.

He used to wait for a while outside the house until both his parents left for work. When the coast was clear he would come back in change back into his pajamas and start feeding his addiction. This was continued for about 3 weeks.

Every day he would play for more than 16 hours. He was able to get past his school as he informed that he was having a surgery and needed time for recovery. Finally, when the school called his parents for his well being, they got to know of this insane secret. He was caught and penalized soon after.

Gaming Addiction
The boy who skipped school due to Gaming Addiction

Case 3: Chinese kid sets a classmate on fire

This case is rather a disturbing one. A kid living in Beijing was having a good time playing World of Warcraft. However, being considered as a pro by his friends, he just couldn’t accept being defeated a classmate.  Hence the 17-year-old tried to do something bizarre to take his revenge. He threw some gasoline on him and within seconds set him on fire.

Many believe that this act was actually learned from the same game he was addicted to. However, the punishment was severe as the officials took this as a serious matter and in order avoid such situations in the future, the kid was fined for 760,000 RMB (approximately $103,140 USD). Not just that he was sent to prison for 8 years.

Gaming Addiction
The boy who set his mate on fire due to Gaming Addiction

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Case 4: Lee dies of 50 hours non stop gaming addiction

The case is about a 35-year-old named as Lee. A South Korean adult who recently quit his job just by the reason that he wants more gaming in life. Lee got so addicted to the Starcraft that it actually lead to his death. He started off his playing starcraft session on 3rd August 2017 and he just didn’t stop. For the next 50 hours that is about more than 3 days, it was him and his game.

He played continuously without any break for food or drink. Yet he took some small breaks for the washroom and some minutes of naps. How much can a human body bare? Well, he collapsed on the 7th of August due to heart failure. His body was unable to accept enough exhaustion without fuel and hence a game called Starcraft lead to his death.

Gaming Addiction
Non-stop Gaming Addiction leading to death

Case 5: Girl starved to death while parents raised a virtual child in an online game

Another Case which is related to someone dying just because of gaming. This time it’s not the gamer but the parents leading to the death of their child due to negligence. A game called Prius Online involves people to play as if living a second life In the game people have to do all the things they do in real life but virtually.

From getting a job to raising kids, everything is done virtually. A The 41-year-old man and 25-year-old woman from South Korea took the game too seriously. They had a newborn baby of just 3 months old yet they chose to raise one virtually. After going to an internet café and playing Prius continuously for 12 hours they came back home knowing their child was no more. They neglected all sorts of attention a baby requires.

No food no drink was given to the child and hence it leads to the murder of their only child. The mother was asked about her conduct and her words were “I am sorry for what I did and hope that my daughter does not suffer anymore in heaven,”

Gaming Addiction
Gaming Addiction The Prius Online


Case 6: 13 year old killed an elderly for the money required for online gaming

The boy is named as Nguyen Duy Duong who lives in Vietnam. This boy needed money to buy something in a game called the world of Warcraft to which he was addicted to. Yet he saw no other way to steal it from someone. Therefore on November 21st, 2007 he strangled 81 year old women. He was able to acquire only $6.21 which was enough to buy his virtual sword on the game.

He even went further to bury the same women in front of his own house. He waited for 3 days until he was sure enough that he should bury the body before someone else finds out. However, the investigation carried out by the Vietnam police lead them to the body. The kid accepted his crime yet he wasn’t put to prison as he was too young for it. The court decided to put him in an educational center and he wasn’t lead out of it until he showed enough “good Behavior”.

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