Apex Legends Titanfall Battle Royale Just Hit 10 Million in Three Days | Download


Apex Legends Titanfall Battle Royale Game

Instead of launching of the Titanfall 3, Respwan took a decision and launched the Apex Legends for the competing of the Fortnite and PUBG gaming. Apex Legends is getting familiar with the people quickly.

Apex legends is a free battle royale game for PC and all the major gamer and youtubers are looking forward to it. A complete game that masters together every element of the other battle royale games and gaining its ratings and millions of players in a very short time span. Earlier the PUBG PC Lite also comes to the party but it was only for some areas and now apex legends is getting hits.

Download Apex Legends

It is a free PC game and it can be download for the ORIGIN with no subscription. It hits 10 million users in just a three days of time-span whereas Fortnite took two week to reach that milestone.

Like the other battle royale games is also include the option of playing it in the groups, it is the mixture of all the existing battle royal games, you can play in group of three or with or without the option of the voice chat. You can revive your team mate too.

Apex Legends Hero

We are counting 8 hero’s for the game and you have to select one of them at the start of the game. These are the initially available hero’s at the game but it may be possible to come some of them as the games process.

  • Mirage
  • Bangalore
  • Wraith
  • Pathfinder
  • Lifeline
  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic
  • Bloodhound

“We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play, and do a surprise launch,” Respawn CEO Vince Zampella wrote in a blog post. “But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it, too.” He also said we have so much in the store available to launch this year

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